Understanding Astigmatism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

August 30, 2023

People of all ages are susceptible to astigmatism, a common eyesight disorder. It’s critical to get checked and seek expert assistance if you or a loved one experience any vision-related concerns. To guarantee that our patients have a higher quality of life, our team of professionals at Al Hilal Hospitals is committed to offering top-notch eye care […]

Best Eye Doctor/ Ophthalmologist in Bahrain for Comprehensive Eye Care

July 19, 2023

Finding the top eye doctor is crucial for your vision and overall eye health. Al Hilal Healthcare is your best option if you’re in Bahrain and need high-quality eye care. Al Hilal Healthcare has established itself as Bahrain’s premier source for all-encompassing eye care because of its staff of highly qualified ophthalmologists and dedication to […]


December 13, 2022

Glaucoma could be described as a common eye condition in which the optic nerve (that connects eye to the brain) gets damaged. The damage is usually caused by fluid build-up in the front part of eye, causing an increase in pressure inside the eye. If not diagnosed and treated early, glaucoma can lead to loss […]

Why Are My Eyes Dry?

September 5, 2019

 Today about one third of the world population suffer from dry eye at one time or the other. As the dry eye ‘epidemic’ appears to expand the classic elderly female dry eye patients are no longer the only cases we see in our office chairs. The number of cases has rapidly increased mainly due to […]