Understanding and Treating Skin Allergies: Comprehensive Care at Al Hilal Hospitals

November 3, 2023

People of all ages are susceptible to skin allergies, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient in daily life. We will examine numerous forms of skin allergies, their symptoms, causes, and practical treatment choices in this comprehensive guide. Our board-certified dermatologists are available to provide individualized care and solutions for your skin’s health, whether you are […]

Unveil Radiant Skin with Chemical Peeling: Expert Care at Al Hilal Hospitals

September 25, 2023

A common cosmetic process called chemical peeling can refresh and revitalize your skin, making it smoother, brighter, and younger-looking. In this extensive manual, we shall examine the advantages, varieties, risks, and durability of chemical peeling. Our knowledgeable dermatologists at Al Hilal Hospitals are available to meet your specific requirements and offer the greatest care for […]

Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff: Say Goodbye to Itchy Scalp!

July 19, 2023

Having dandruff can be annoying and demoralising for your self-esteem. Al Hilal Hospitals provides effective methods to help you get relief from dandruff if you’re looking for all-natural treatments for this widespread scalp issue. We will examine numerous at-home treatments for dandruff in this post, arming you with the knowledge to handle the issue and […]

PRP for Hair Loss: Efficacy, Safety, and Cost

April 26, 2023

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss is a medical procedure, in which the person’s blood is drawn, processed, and injected into the scalp for hair growth. According to experts, the procedure triggers natural hair growth and maintains it, by increasing blood supply to hair follicles. It also increases thickness of hair shaft. PRP […]

Skin Booster- Advanced Skin Hydration Injectable Treatment

April 11, 2023

Skin boosters are injectables that provide improvement in texture, hydration, elasticity, and overall appearance of the skin. The treatment mainly involves injecting hyaluronic acid (HA- gel-like soft substance) or polynucleotides on the skin, to enhance elasticity, firmness, radiance and general quality and health of the skin. Al Hilal Hospital, Department of Dermatology and Cosmetology provides […]

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Skin / Facial Rejuvenation

April 11, 2023

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a type of regenerative treatment method that amplifies the natural growth factors used by body to self-heal tissues. What are Plasma and Platelets? Plasma is the liquid portion of blood, widely composed of water and proteins, that provides a medium for white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets to […]

Dermal Fillers: What They Are, Types, Benefits & Side Effects What are Dermal Fillers?

April 11, 2023

Dermal fillers are injections, that diminish facial lines, restore fullness and volume in the face and plump up wrinkles. Our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat with age; hence the facial muscles work close to the skin surface- as a result, crow’s feet and smile lines become more prominent. The facial skin also stretches, causing loss […]

Botox Injections Bahrain: Treatment, Recovery & Side Effects

April 11, 2023

Botulinum toxin, also called “miracle poison,” is one of the most poisonous biological substances known. Botox is a protein made from Botulinum toxin, used in small doses for several medical and cosmetic procedures- including reducing wrinkles and treating other medical conditions. Although a toxin, it has numerous benefits when used correctly by experts and in […]

All You Need to Know About Genital Warts Treatment

March 13, 2023

Genital warts are one of the most common sexually transmitted infections, that affect majority of sexually active population at some point in their lives. Genital warts occur in moist tissues of genital area, and they look like flesh-colored, small bumps. They are usually too small to be visible, but sometimes they have cauliflower-like appearance. Genital […]

Dermatitis: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

March 13, 2023

Dermatitis is a common term used to describe skin irritation. It is several types and causes, and results in dry, itchy skin with rashes. It can also cause blisters, crusting, oozing or flaking-off of skin. Dermatitis is not contagious, but it can make the patient feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. For early diagnosis and efficient treatment […]