Child Health Care Program

The Al Hilal Child Health Care Card Program is a unique one of a kind initiative of Al Hilal hospital to establish a continuous Permanent Health Care Record of school students in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The program can revolutionize the way parents think of their child’s health status.

How to get this card?
Every student studying in the school that is associated with Al Hilal Hospital for the program is eligible to receive the card totally free of cost. AL HILAL CHILD HEALTH CARE CARD is a printed plastic easy to use the card. The card is a health identity and health record retrieval source.

Importance of Child Healthcare Card?
The card is part of a larger program to conduct an annual medical checkup in the school. The medical report of each student is available through the Al Hilal Hospital Website. Important Medical information like Blood grouping, congenital conditions and medical findings of future concern, immunization record, medication record, dental records, eye checkup, ear checkup, growth indicators, and physical condition are easily accessible. They become part of the continuous medical record of the child.

Al Hilal Hospital: pioneering innovation of child health program?
Al Hilal Hospital has endeavored to establish a world-class record system with the launch of the Al Hilal Child Health Care Card. The child health reports are accessible online by parents through the login through the hospital website. Parents can register their child for online access.

What are the privileges of the card?
The card also carries privileges if used at Al Hilal Hospital for medical services. A range of discounts on all medical services except pharmacy can be availed by presenting the card at the reception in the hospital.

Parents can keep track of your health?
Every parent dreams of giving the best for their child. Tracking health records will help parents. For example, allergy to medicines need for supplementary food sources, child’s growth status, the confidence, and intelligence, self-esteem and personality can be linked to the health of the child throughout childhood.

Healthy living includes

  • Care given from the time of birth
  • Nutritional support during the infancy and childhood
  • Balanced diet, physical activity, and mental development
  • Support for the healthy lifestyle
  • Delivering the child into a bright