September 15, 2022

Written By: Dr. Reghunath K G (MBBS, MS, DNB, MCH) UROLOGY Herpes results from infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It causes sores or blisters in or around the mouth or genitals, alongside other symptoms. Herpes is a disease that is shared globally. HSV type 1 is usually transmitted by oral-to-oral contact and causes […]


September 5, 2022

Written By: Dr Rajaneesh Kumar (MBBS, MD, FICM) Internal Medicine The term diabetes mellitus defines disorders of abnormal carbohydrate metabolism that are indicated by high blood sugar levels. It is associated with an absolute or relative impairment in insulin secretion, along with deviating degrees of peripheral resistance to the action of insulin. Blood glucose is […]


August 22, 2022

Written By: Dr. Suresh Daivasikamani (MBBS, MD, DM) ENT Constipation is infrequent and unsatisfactory defecation fewer than three times per week. It happens when bowel movements become less recurring, and stools become hard to pass. It occurs most often due to modifications in routine or diet or due to insufficient intake of fiber. You should […]


August 18, 2022

Written By: Dr. Shaheer Ibrahim (MBBS, MS, DNB) ENT Sinusitis (sinus infection) is a swelling or inflammation of the sinuses’ tissue lining. In other words, it is the swelling of the sinuses, usually caused by an infection. The sinuses are four paired cavities in the head. Narrow channels connect them. The sinuses create thin mucus that […]


August 16, 2022

Written By: Dr. Rahul Abbas (MBBS, DNB) Internal Medicine Pneumonia is a condition of acute respiratory disease that affects the lungs. It is an inflammation of lung parenchyma generated by an infectious agent. The lungs are composed of tiny sacs called alveoli, which replenish with air when a healthy individual breathes. When a person has […]

Department Of Urology at Al Hilal Hospital

August 10, 2022

Urologists are the surgeons who treat problems involving the male genitourinary tract and the female urinary system. Although urology is a surgical specialty, a significant part of urologists’ appointments involves the medical management of conditions without surgery. Urology patients vary from babies to the elderly. A urologist known as a genitourinary surgeon concentrates on analyzing […]


July 14, 2022

Written By: Dr. Roopchand P S (MBBS, MD, DM Neurology) Neurology A neurologist specializes in treating and evaluating all disorders or impaired functions of the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nerves, muscles, autonomic nervous system, and the blood vessels that connect to these structures. The disorders include brain and spinal tumors, stroke, muscular dystrophy, headache, and […]


July 1, 2022

Written By: Dr. Nusrat Jabeen (MBBS, MS General Surgery) General Surgery Anal Fissure is a tear or a crack in the vertical axis of the squamous lining of the anal canal between the anal verge and the dentate line. An anal fissure may happen when you pass large or hard stools during a bowel movement. […]


June 27, 2022

Written By: Dr. Nusrat Jabeen (MBBS, MS General Surgery) General Surgery A hernia is defined as an abnormal protrusion of the viscus or part of the viscus through an abnormal or normal opening in the cavity’s wall. In addition, an abnormal weakness or hole in an anatomical structure allows something inside to protrude. A hernia […]


June 23, 2022

An anal fistula, or fistula-in-ano, is a chronic abnormal communication, usually lined to some degree by granulation tissue, which runs outwards from the anorectal lumen to an external opening on the skin of the perineum or buttock. Fistula-in-ano is defined as a track lined by granulation tissues, which connects deeply in the anal canal or […]