Department of Radiology

The Al Hilal Hospital Muharraq Radiology department provides full support to all of our medical departments including our Riffa, Manama and Salmabad branches (referred Triple phase CT & MRI studies) and is point of pride as it houses top radiological equipments, allowing us to offer quality high-end radio logy services.

The Department has experienced Radiologists, skilled technical and administrative staff to manage a very busy department open 24hrs 7 days a week (Routine and on call services).

The Department is organized into sections of Routine Radiography, Ortho-pan-tomography, Ultrasound Imaging, C.T. Scan & MRI imaging. Apart from this we have a Mobile X-Ray unit for inpatient Radiography and a C-arm unit to guide procedures in the Operation theatre.

Our Radiologists are acknowledged as experts in their area of specialty interest with widely recognized contributions to clinical care and in-house education of staff.

We currently have 4 Radiologists, 6 Technologists, 3 Nursing Assistants and 1 Transcriptionist all as full time staff.

All conventional X-ray & Ultrasound studies are done on a walk-in basis while contrast CT & MRI & IVP studies are by prior appointment. The Radiography X-ray images are processed by Digital Radiography system (DR). All the diagnostic CT & MRI images are loaded into Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) for review and reporting by the Radiologists. All Physicians can also view the X-ray images as an when they are processed through ‘Mini Pacs’ system in their respective offices almost instantly.

Radiology Modalities

  • Wide bore 1.5 T MRI- Philips
  • 16 slides CT - Philips