Laser Hair Removal

December 22, 2022

Laser hair removal could be described as a medical procedure, in which a concentrated beam of light, called laser, is used to remove unwanted hair. During the process, the laser emits light which is absorbed by melanin (pigment) in the hair. This light energy is converted into heat, that causes damage to the tube-shaped sacs in the skin, the hair follicles, that are responsible for producing hair. The damage prevents or causes delay in further hair growth.

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In addition to hair removal, laser can also be used to treat acne and other skin-related issues. Click here to watch our expert dermatologist and cosmetologist providing information on acne and acne treatment using laser.

Laser Hair Removal- Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions regarding laser hair removal are: ‘does hair removal work?’, ‘is laser hair removal permanent?’, ‘how long does laser hair removal last?’ ‘Does laser hair removal hurt/ is laser hair removal painful?’ and most important one- ‘Is laser hair removal safe?’. Let’s answer them individually:

  • Does hair removal work?

The process does effectively delay hair growth for longer period. Laser hair removal before and after results show a clear difference in hair growth- that decreases significantly after the procedure.

  • Is laser hair removal permanent?

It does not usually result in permanent hair removal. Initially, multiple laser removal sessions are required for hair removal, followed by maintenance sessions. While laser hair removal is successful on all skin types, it is more effective on people with dark hair and light skin.

  • How long does laser hair removal last?

Although it differs from person to person, laser hair removal is expected to last for two to six years, after all the sessions have been received. However, maintenance sessions are still required, one to four times a year, to keep the area hairless.

  • Does laser hair removal hurt/ Is laser hair removal painful?

The benefits of laser hair removal cannot be achieved without enduring certain level of discomfort. However, the level of pain is based on different factors, including the part of body being treated, as well as your pain tolerance. If laser hair removal is on more sensitive parts of skin, it is more likely to be painful as compared to other lesser sensitive parts. Laser hair removal pain can be minimized by applying numbing cream before the procedure. Your dermatologist/ cosmetologist would guide you through the entire procedure as well as precautionary measures. While some body parts would require numbing, others would be fine without it as well.

The process mainly targets hair follicles with very small high-heat laser beams. While the heat is not usually noticeable, it does feel like the skin is snapped with a rubber band. Some individuals also experience mild discomfort after the procedure, including irritation and redness- something like mild sunburn.

  • Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is, indeed, one of the most safe and efficient way of removing unwanted body hair. While the results are not permanent, they last much longer than traditional methods of hair removal, including waxing, tweezing, or plucking. The method uses heat from laser to destroy follicles and remove hair- laser hair removal before and after results show clear difference, with minimum hair growth after the procedure. With regular maintenance, better and more efficient results can be achieved.

To make sure that the process is safe and there are minimum side effects, it should be performed by an expert dermatologist/ cosmetologist. At Al Hilal Hospital Bahrain, we offer ideal packages for laser hair removal, with professional and expert doctors and modern equipment. For appointments and information, contact us today. For your convenience, our representatives are also available on WhatsApp helpline, in Al Hilal Manama, Salmabad, Riffa and Muharraq branches.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal side effects depend on a variety of factors, including treatment plan, skin type, hair color as well as adherence to the pre-treatment and post-treatment care. Some of the most common laser hair removal side effects are:

Skin irritation: this includes temporary redness, discomfort and swelling after procedure. The signs usually disappear after a few hours.

Changes in pigment: the procedure might lighten or darken the treated area, and the changes might be temporary or permanent.

Rare side effects: include crusting, blistering, changes in skin texture or scarring. Greying of treated area and increase hair growth around treated area can also occur in very rare cases.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Success rate of laser hair removal for men and women is almost same, and the procedure equally efficient for both genders. Laser hair removal for men typically requires 5-7 sessions- with regular sessions and proper maintenance, men can also benefit from the laser hair removal process effectively.

Laser Hair Removal Cost- Al Hilal Hospital Bahrain

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For appointments and information regarding laser hair removal, contact us today. For your convenience, our representatives are also available on WhatsApp helpline, in Al Hilal Manama, Salmabad, Riffa and Muharraq branches.

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