Celebrate Mother’s Day with Al-Hilal

March 11, 2020

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Al-Hilal & Overcome the Emotional Transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood

From missing the period; to the pregnancy kit being positive and the first visit to the gynecologist; all the expecting mothers would agree with me on feeling exhausted with the advice pouring from all sides about the to-do and not-to-do in pregnancy. But somehow, what nobody seems to be concerned about is how to help the woman face this rollercoaster ride and the identity shift she goes through during this phase.

The period of transition to motherhood, termed as matrescence; is a fight of the hormones; feelings of self-doubt; and apprehension about the future. One of the fierce issues a pregnant woman faces is the fear of blame in case of miscarriage or infertility issues. Then comes the feelings of shame and self-guilt if she feels incapable of bearing the labor pain and requests for labor analgesia and last but not the least, how she struggles to cope with all the body shaming post-delivery. The aches and pains that she bears through pregnancy throws a contrasting picture to the beautiful motherhood every woman dreams about.

As you see, an expecting mother can be freed of this emotional turmoil if her partner and family lend out an empathetic hand. Maintaining a healthy loving relationship between the spouses becomes equally or more important after becoming a parent. That’s possible only if the couple has an insight into how they can share the emotional, financial and domestic issues. Here are some basic tips to help tide over these issues:

Never strive to be the PERFECT MOM; because after all, no human is perfect! One can only try to do their best.

Excessive worry adds to the sleeplessness and unhealthy eating in pregnancy. So stop worrying about what is not in your control; like the gender of your baby, or having a natural birth. It is nice to be well planned, but also be ready to face the situation if things don’t turn the way you wanted it to.

Neither skip your prenatal vitamins nor your appointments with the gynecologist to ensure good prenatal care. Feel free to discuss your pregnancy related queries with your gynecologist rather than searching for internet remedies.

Exercise is one magic pill that can boost your mood due to the rush of endorphins it produces in the body. Pick up anything that suits you the most – yoga, brisk walking or low impact aerobics (Aerobics should be practiced under the supervision of an instructor).

Sex is considered taboo by many in pregnancy. But it can lighten up your mood and also improve partner bonding. Hence having sex is perfectly safe in pregnancy except in certain situations. It is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse when there is a low lying placenta, high risk of miscarriage or premature labor.

So all you wonderful women out there, drop the negative attitude and adopt a positive outlook that will make you shine not only through motherhood, but in every walk of your life.

Dr Jasmine Sankaranarayanan



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