Pre-Employment Health Check Ups

  1. Al Hilal Multispeciality Medical Centre, RIFFA
  2. Al Hilal Multispeciality Medical center, MANAMA
  3. Al Hilal Multispeciality Medical center, SALMABAD

is now an approved Centre for all your Pre- Employment Health Check Ups. We offer both Normal and Premium services at affordable rates.



  • Urine Routine
  • Stool Routine
  • HIV
  • HCV
  • VDRL
  • Vision Test


  • PPD (Mandatory for Housemaids, Saloon, Hospital staffs, Food Handlers etc.)


  • X-Ray
  • Doctor’s Consultation

Premium Services

  • Only 15BD/-
  • Convenient timings for appointment
  • Report updation within 48 hours

Other services are charged extra

For Appointments : 

Contact Person :

1. RIFFA BRANCH -Mr Franco Francis / Ms Rani Kannoth

Direct Line : +973 3360 1402 / +973 3318 8838/+973 17495555 (Landline)

E-mail : /

2. MANAMA BRANCH –Mr.Lijoy Chalakkal /Ms Neethu MS

Direct Line : +973 3601404 / +973 39357425 /+973 17824444(Landline)

E-mail : /

3. SALMABAD –Mr.Azeem Sait /Mr.Siraj

Direct Line : +973 340123430 / +973 34012345 /+973 16171111 (Landline)

E-mail : /

Please send the Name & CPR No. for Appointment.

Get prepared for your Health Check up & other important information

  • Do not take any medicines, cigarettes, tobacco or any fluids besides plain water (no milk, tea, coffee, etc) in the morning.
  • Inform the Health Check reception, if you are Diabetic or a Cardiac Patient or if suspecting pregnancy.
  • If you have pre-existing medical condition or on any treatment, please bring along your medicines/previous reports with you..
  • Any further tests or consultation will not be part of this package and hence will be charged extra. The availability of reports in such instances will depend on the nature of the tests.
  • Additional services (not mentioned in the package) will be charged separately.
  • Wear clothes that offer convenience for drawing blood from the elbow area.
  • While collecting urine, allow the first portion to drain out and collect during the middle portion while urinating.
  • While collecting stool, please avoid red meat three 3 days prior to the collection of the stool.