Have You Ever Heard of Parkinson Disease?

March 8, 2020

What is Parkinson Disease?

Parkinson Disease is a condition that affects your movements and hence it is also called a Movement Disorder. It is the result of degeneration of Dopamine producing region of the brain Substantia Nigra.
Parkinson disease usually develops slowly over years. The progression of the disease varies between persons. People with Parkinson disease can experience:

  • Tremor of limbs.
  • Slowness in activities.
  • Stiffness of Limbs.
  • Walking difficulty & balance problems.

Parkinson Disease has no cure. Though it is not a fatal disease, disease complications can be serious.

Treatment of Parkinson Disease:

Dopaminergic and other medications are used in the management of Parkinson Disease. There are also other modalities of management including physiotherapy and supportive measures. Certain people with Parkinson Disease may require surgery for the management of Parkinson disease.

Do talk to your Neurologist regarding your problems related to Parkinson’s. With optimal medications you can have a near normal good quality life.


Dr. Roopchand P S


MBBS, MD, DM (Neurology)