Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Band surgery is completely reversible procedure performed laparoscopically or through key hole route. A silicone band is wrapped around the upper part of the stomach to create a small stomach. Small quantity of food can fill up the small stomach providing satisfaction/satiety to the person.

Narrow outlet of this small stomach delays progression of food into intestine—person feels full for longer period. The size of the stomach opening can be adjusted later by injecting saline through a button under the skin. In this way, weight loss can be controlled. Person is able to eat smaller meals at long interval.

Surgical Time*
30-60 minutes
Usually 24 hours
Recuperation Time*
3-4 days

Special Dietary Requirement – Higher protein intake, multi vitamin & mineral supplementation for 1-2 years prevents any nutritional deficiencies.

Complications-The reported incidence of gastric band surgery has reduced significantly over a period of time with change in dissection technique, band design, adjustment techniques etc. The list of possible complications include

Operative Mortality
Intra-operative Complications
Rarely Bleeding or Gastric Perforation – None in our series since 2000
Early Post-operative
This includes wound infections (1-3%), pulmonary embolism (1%), rarely bleeding & cardio-pulmonary complications etc.
Late Post-operative
This includes band slippage, band erosion, oesophageal dilatation
Weight Loss
The reported excess weight loss after LAGB surgery is approx. 40%-54%
Co – morbidity Improvement

Most of the patients have significant improvements in their associated diseases as they lose weight. The reported incidence for common diseases is as follows

Improvement in >45%-80%
Resolution in > 70%
Improvement in >38-70%
Sleep Apnoea
Resolution in > 94%
Band Adjustment/Tightening

This unique feature of gastric band allows you control over achievable weight loss. Band is tightened or loosened by injecting or withdrawing sterile saline into port placed under the skin. This fluid then proceeds to the band & tightens it to delay emptying of proximal stomach or pouch into rest of intestine. This helps maintain a feeling of fullness or satiety for longer duration. Usually band adjustment is required only 1-2 times during the lifetime. This is an outdoor procedure requiring 15-30 minutes only.

Band adjustment can be done by any interventional radiologist or physician under guidance from our centre for outstation patients.

The stomach is stapled along the length and the excess or remnant part of the stomach is removed. This step’s usual operating time is 1hr.  PTHE BIB ADVANTAGE The BIB program has several advantages over other weight loss plans. With the Gastric Balloon you can.

  • Have a feeling of satiety with smaller meals.
  • Lose more weight than with other diet programs.
  • Have the benefits of a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach.
Eligible Candidates

Overweight (10-15 kilos above ideal weight)
Ready to comply with a medically supervised program.

Our patients usually lose 15-25 Kilos weight in 6 months. The weight loss will depend on long-term lifestyle changes related to eating and exercise. The following tables show results achieved in published clinical studies using the BIB program

Published Study
Number of Patients
Average Weight Loss
Genco , Italy
Herve , Belgium
Bolwerk , Netherlands