The Purpose of the Al Hilal Multi Specialty Medical Center in East Riffa is

  • To fulfill the much needed comprehensive Multi Specialty Medical Services;
  • In a hygienic, comfortable environment
  • With highly qualified and dedicated teams of doctors, nurses and technicians;
  • Using the latest technology and state of the art medical equipment and techniques
  • With all services provided at affordable costs

Riffa and other nearby areas have a large population of Bahraini Families and Expatriates living the radius of 3 kilometers. The socio economic status ranges from Businessmen, Bureaucrats and Officials to Executives, Employees and workers. The business activities including production units, retail outlets and trading activities have been steadily growing in the area. Commensurately, the population of people living in the areas has grown enormously in the last few years. Yet, the number of medical facilities has remained insufficient to cater to the growing population.

There is no Multi Specialty Full Fledged Medical Center in Riffa. Small clinics, Medical Centers with few specialties and very few doctors have been providing primary care only. Nearby private hospitals and clinics have failed to deliver consistent quality medical care services to the people living in the areas nearby.